Trail Trigger

What gets measured gets improved

• Trail Trigger is MTB specific training device always available at your fingertip

• You can immediately start training with a single click without touching your phone ever

• Trail Trigger makes it simple to analyze and improve segment time, physical shape and even technique skills

• With a small size, waterproof shell - Trail Trigger can be used in the most extreme conditions

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Key Features

Goal Category Application
Get better stage time Enduro DH MTB Chart
Improve riding skills Enduro DH MTB Chart
Get fit XC Enduro Strava
Compare my results with top riders worldwide XC Enduro DH Strava
Analyse braking forces and G-overload Enduro DH MTB Chart

Tech Specs

Battery CR2032, lifespan 2 years
Size height: 60mm | width: 43mm | depth: 31mm
Weight 51 grams
Material composite plastic shell

• Trail Trigger connects to the smartphone via bluetooth low energy protocol to operate 3rd party applications remotely

• Contains FCC ID: 2AB6YHM-1011 (RoHS ID: LCS1404180666S)